Free or Unprotected? Woman with The Alabaster Flask

July 6, 2009

2791326816_1318835191After Pastor Michael Launched into Servo-lution yesterday, I had a stirring to investigate further the issues concerning the Woman referrenced in the gospel of Luke who poured out her life on the body of christ. It is a prime example of how christianity is @ CHRIST not at christians. What was happening to the woman was an internal renewal that caused her to act the way she did. As for the pharisees, they were concerned with public opinion and how this was what one might equate in present day terms to a public relations disaster. A harlot and a rabbi had nothing in common. It remains an enigma to me how she even managed to get near Christ but as is often the case with HIM we think that He was healing her but the lesson was actually to us that anyone whose heart is in the right place can enter into HIS presence!


2 Responses to “Free or Unprotected? Woman with The Alabaster Flask”

  1. Otgo Says:


    very true about very last bit –a pure heart! + right motive!

  2. hotomunya Says:

    You’re right Otgo Its amazing how simple it is and how complex we make it!

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