I am an African – A word of encouragement to my brothers and sisters who are spread across the globe.

July 7, 2009

a_lion1As I was listening to Thabo Mbeki’s speach on how it feels good to be an african I just felt the need to share what is on my heart for africans. It is a common occurance that many of us are in a state of confusion in terms of our identity when we make the journey across the atlantic. The question that spring to mind is why is it so easy to lose touch with who you are? Why is it that when you go away from home anything is possible and all those things you never thought you would do are now a definite possibilty? Why is it that the firm foundations of our characters and integrities are suddenly quite shaky? Why is it so easy to perform a coup on the principles on which we were raised?

Could it be that leaving the nest is not only a test of our ability to survive out of our comfort zone but also a real challenge to our so called characters. Its easy to be a “good” kid when you’re inside the fence but the real evidence of the stregnth of the character is how we cope when all of a sudden there are no rules except the ones you make. I want to encourage those who have found this to be true to hold on to their values and principles. To be african is to have character! It is to have an identity and to be easily distinguishable because our values show in the way we do life. I am convinced that our flare and flavour is a benefit to us because it allows to bring a bit of ourselves to wherever we go. Our unique traits allow us to penetrate and influence our environments. These very traits bring the best out of others because we bring “uhuru” and we bring uncontrolled joy and passion for what we lay our hands on!

This video by Mbeki should remind you, if you had forgotten, why as an african you are so very special!


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