Impact- Youth Ministry

January 16, 2010

Pathias Maigurira is a man I have know for over 9 years now. Our association began in 2001 when I began my career at Peterhouse and through the years it has developed into a wonderful friendship. He is a man who loves God and who has a heart for youth ministry.

On my visit to his place today I found him hard at work on his graphic design company but he had time to chat to an old friend.
Pathias told me that their Youth Ministry “IMPACT” is on the move. The work I interrupted was his action plan for the next year as they prepare to raise up leaders to spread the Gospel in their various areas of life. He told me that there is such a hunger for God among the youth and one of the ways they are having success is through one on one meet ups after their youth events. These meet ups are followed up by a mentorship programme that ensures that the youths are invested into heavily with the word and through relationship. He was very proud to tell me that through their mentorship programmes they have managed to raise 2 Headboys, 2 Deputy Headboys, A scripture union president and various other leaders in the field of sport.

Impact is a ministry that is effectively touching the lives of the youth in Harare. Even my sister Pamela told me that in the last week that she was at school, IMPACT were there to share the gospel and it was awesome!


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