Where are the fathers??

July 26, 2010

43% of US children live without their biological fathers
90% of the homeless children on the streets are from fatherless homes
80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger are from fatherless homes
71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father
63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
85% of children who exhibit behavioural disorders are from fatherless homes
90% of adolescents who are repeat arsonists live only with their mothers
71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centres come from fatherless homes
70% of juveniles in the state institutions have no fathers
85% of the youth in prison grew up in fatherless homes

Below is a letter written by a son, a middle aged man, in search of the father who left and left a scar so deep and unapparent that no one ever knew until he became a father and then it showed. It could be you, it could be someone you know.

Has anyone seen my father?

He should be here any second now, mom said, dad promised, I’m sitting on the porch waiting now – he said he’d come this time. While I’m sitting I might as well write another letter;

Dear Dad,

Thanks. Thanks for not being there. Thanks for all the missed football games and basketball games. Thanks for walking away from me and mum. See I was 4 years old when you walked and I always thought you’d come back but you never did. Thanks for letting me endure the pain of having to look longingly at other kids in the playground with their dads. As they stared angrily back at me as if to say – this is not your father, GET YOUR OWN.

HAS ANYONE SEEN MY FATHER? He walked away at 4 but he promised he was coming back! HAS ANYONE SEEN MY FATHER?? He’s got brown eyes, he told me he was going to take me fishing, then we were going to go to the game and do the things fathers and sons do! HAS ANYONE SEEN MY FATHER???

Has anybody seen him?? Maybe he’s 6:3 and black, or he’s 5:9 and Asian, I don’t care what he is, I just need a man to step up to the plate an do what a man should do!! HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY FATHER??? So here I sit as a grown man, and I don’t wear ties because the day you were meant to teach me you didn’t show up so Mrs Stella at the Community Centre taught me how to BUT THAT’S A MAN’S JOB! I just need you to show up one time dad. My generation is dying we need to be covered, we need to be fathered!!! We need to be taught and affirmed!! HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY FATHER??



One Response to “Where are the fathers??”

  1. Cherimacherie Says:

    Thank you for these facts Munya raising awareness of an important issue. Fathers play a huge role in their childrens life. All the fathers if you hear me step up n make it a better life for your children. This hits home as myfather passed when I was 1yr old 24yrs later I m now also a single mom too. A father s presence makes a difference but I strive to not be discouraged because there is no father like the one above.

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