Born to influence change
Born to influence change

Born to Influence Change is a blog for young thinkers that have a burden on their lives to see change. It is a platform on which some of the ideas that will shape the next generation will be discussed, debated and delivered. If you are Born to Influece Change then our time is now! We have within us seeds that God has planted and we must produce fruit!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Otgo Says:

    wow…liking your Blog! and the contents in it! well done!

  2. Yash Domah Says:

    Munya, Im sold. This blog is impressingly well done.

  3. Philip Fine Says:

    I’m writing an obituary on Ottilia Chareka for the Globe and Mail in Canada. I noticed you referred to her as auntie on Twitter. Did you know her well? I’ve been trying to get in touch with her family but it is all too fresh and have not been able to talk to them about her early life in Zim and some family history. I’m writing it up today and tomorrow. Can you please get in touch with me by the end of today?


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